Our job is to connect the producers and consumers by providing chocolate, full of the producer’s thoughts and feelings.
We believe that enjoying chocolate excellent in quality enriches your days.

There is a lot of domestic demand for Colombia cacao beans, and were imported from neighboring countries.
Colombian cacao beans were recently admitted by ICCO “International Cocoa Organization“ as “FINO DE AROMA CACAO”
and was found out to be rare cacao beans worldwide.

Thereafter, the production system of cacao beans is strengthened during these several years as one of the state strategy.
They are planning for export volume expansion to overseas.

When I first ate the chocolate made with cacao beans of Colombia, I was surprised at the fragrance I had never felt before.
They seemed to be eating fruits.
I was charmed by the aroma of Colombian cacao beans.

And when I noticed, I was already flying to the Colombian farm.
The scenery and culture I saw there were beyond imagination.

People coexisted with the natural favor, chocolate was inside their lives, making it more rich and abundant.
It was a nice experience.

“We want to make the Japanese lifestyle more abundant with chocolate”.
“We want to send the producer’s feelings to the consumers.”
“ca ca o” was born from these feelings.